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Financial Issues -
important things to keep in mind
regarding financial matters

    *    How much money will you receive - the shorter your life expectancy,
          the higher the percentage of your policy you may receive - payments
          can range from 40-80% of the policy's face value

    *    Money from a viatical settlement may be exempt from federal/state
          income tax - check with an accountant or tax advisor for specific

    *    Money from viatical settlement may not be exempt from creditors,
          personal representatives, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers in
          state/federal court

    *    Money from a viatical settlement van affect your ability to receive SSI,
          public assistance and public medical services

    *    What can the money be used for
                 - higher quality of life
                 - maintain high quality of health care
                 - pay off personal debts
                 - take a vacation
                 - buy new car/home
                 - take care of financial arrangements