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Terminology -
words you may run across when
researching viatical settlements

*    Accelereated death benefit - feature of life insurance policy that typically
      pays some or all of the policy's death benefit before the insured dies -
      may be another way to get cash from a policy without selling it to a third

*    Senior settlement - similar to viatical settlement, but age is the main
      consideration instead of one's health condition

*     Viatical settlement -  arrangement where someone with a terminal
       illness sells or transfers ownership of a life insurance policy to a person
       or company and in return, receives a percentage of the face value of the
       policy - allows terminally ill person to receive cash for various needs

*    Viatical settlement provider - person or company buying life insurance
      policy; buyer becomes policy owner, pays any future premiums and
      eventually collects the entire death benefit from the insurance company

*    Viator - person selling their insurance policy in a viatical settlement